Our Team

Meet Paula, the heart of Equine Village. With over 30 years of horsemanship, her unwavering commitment to animal welfare shapes our ethos. A lifelong animal lover, especially dogs, Paula treats every horse as family, ensuring their utmost well-being. Her extensive knowledge of Madeira and innate connection with horses provide a safe and enriching riding experience. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned rider, Paula's expertise ensures an unforgettable adventure.

Meet Theresa, a cherished member of our team at Equine Village. Hailing from Heidelberg, Germany, her love for riding began at 10. Skilled in diverse disciplines like dressage and jumping, Theresa's true passion is in liberty work and horsemanship, which she beautifully exhibits with her horse, Chewie. In 2022, she relocated to Madeira with her family, including Chewie, now a comfortable part of our equine family. Embodying commitment and love for horses, Theresa is a fantastic addition to our team.

Meet Beatriz, an integral part of our Equine Village team. Her riding journey began early in life, leading her to earn a degree in therapeutic riding and equestrian tourism from the Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra. She honed her skills through diverse internships across Portugal, culminating in Arraiolos at Monte Velho Equo Resort. Following the COVID pandemic, Beatriz returned to Madeira and joined our team, infusing her vast experience and unwavering enthusiasm into our equine family.

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